15 July 2008

Techniques - Slide mounts and "can opener"

I found this closeup from a page I did over a year ago and thought that this is the next technique. Slide mounts are nice items to use for scrapping. They come in plastic, paper and also as die cuts. The can be used as they are, painted, stamped, dressed (with paper, plastics, cloth and so on) or altered in some other way. Or... why not use a combination?

Here I dressed an old plastic slide mount with non-see-through fluorescent cellophane like wrapping. I used doublesided tape as adhesive. Can you figure out how the mounting works? Or should I make a step by step description?

To complete the decoration, I stamped two words, chalked the edges and combined them with a third printed out picture to form a sentence.

I'm not sure what these things are called in neither Swedish nor English. I call it a can opener. I punched out a small circle, I draw a star and a dotted frame on the circle and glued it down on the can opener. I added a tied ribbon to the open ring to complete this decoration.

I hope this will inspire and that you dare to try it out for yourself. And... for the win-win that will increase our scrapping knowledge, I would be vary happy if you link back to me when you create. And... also comment to the specific posting by giving a link to whatever you create or come up with from the theme in question.

Edit: As requested. You can see the whole LO here. It's one of two I made when I decided to break all the laws and go for my own style of scrapping. :) I realize that I took that decision just about one year and a couple of days ago... wow. Time moves on... and on.


ScräpEmma said...

Vrålläckert!! Kan du inte lägga upp hela LOn? :-)

Tack för tipset om biljetterna! Kollade hos Jommas, men såg dem inte. Kan ju, som du föreslog, höra mig av till henne och kolla ifall hon har några kvar.

Muffin said...

Läckert!! Tack för snälla ord inne hos mig!