17 July 2008

Wise jar storage

Aren't you always - more or less - looking for some nice, wise and clever storage solution? I found these really great jars when I looked into Erin Clarkson's Scraproom posted on Scrapbooks etc.

The first ones for ribbons look really similar to my own solution for ribbons. These jars are not that wide and quite high. Mine was for free since I recycled jars which I already owned. Nice things.

Picture from Scrapbooks etc.

The other one is the one that really amazed me. Look at those wide and not that high jars. To fill them with embellishment and then just dig your whole hand in to grab something. How wounderful wouldn't that be? And so practical. You can use them as in the picture, that is one for each embellishment. You can also use them as I would like to do, that is one for each color/theme. :)

Picture from Scrapbooks etc.

Now to the most imporant part of this posting. Do you have any clue where to find price worthy square yars similar to the ones on the second picture?

Edit the same evening: I found almost square jars on ICA tonight. However, they had this stupid lid which I really didn't like (see picture of similar old fashioned jam jars here). That lid is nice for jam or candy storage, but not for storing my scrapbook stash. I would prefer lids such as those on the pictures above since I then can choose whether I want to use the lids at all or not. But if you are interested in such jars, go to ICA and look for jam jars in sizes from half a liter to - was it? - 2 liters. The price is from 30 SEK to 50 SEK each.

Edit the following day: Gosh so much information people possess. I have now found out that simlar jars are available from Biltema. In four different sizes. Nice. Indeed nice. I only have to figure out which size I need and to it if I can afford them. Just guess how much I want to display my stash in such a way that I can just stick my hand into it and spontaneously grab something...


ℓιи∂α said...

Hej där :) Här blev jag fast en bra stund, mycket att läsa och titta på :) Tyvär vet jag itne var man kan köpa såna burkar, men kanske Ikea har? Fast det har du väl redan kikat på ;) Brukar vara det första stället man letar på ;) Hursomhelst, en himla bra idé..*ALLTID på jakt efter mer och bättre förvaring*

maxell said...

:) Skoj!

Mmmm IKEA har jag kikat på. Det är så himlans ovanligt med just fyrkantiga burkar och det är såna jag kan tänka mig. Inte runda. För jag har för trångt för dem.