06 July 2008

To answer some questions...

I have been challenged. By Alien and Natalie.

First - the rules

- Answer all questions.
- List 6 persons who you would like to answer these questions and challenge them in their blogs by asking them to read your blog.
- Let the person who gave you the challenge know when you have answered.

Five things that's on your to-do-list today

To-do-list? I cannot do those lists as they never come out as I write them down...

What did you do ten years ago

I actually don't remember. I wonder if it was that year that we improvised and drove the car about 130 Swedish miles to go on a party that was taking place this weekend... but ten years ago.

Places where you have lived
In a yellow ghetto, in a small village which have 6 houses, nearby a creak, in the same place as where Svartenbrand likes to take a pizza, in a ghetto times 3 (that is three different addresses in the same ghetto), on a Pikk, in an apartment that never went below 30 degrees Celsius (the outside temperature seldom went below 50 degrees Celsius) and where I can run around doing just what I feel like. :)

Five things you would do if you were a billionaire

- Most probably not work unless I feel like it
- Most probably turn really greedy. You know what they say... much wants more...
- Carefully contribute to the fight for freedom
- Definitely literarlly burn some of that money
- Perhaps wipe my ass with it...

I challenge Anki, Kosepute, Martha, Samara, Teamjes, Tinto, Thessilou (Yes, I can do my maths, but I chose a more child friendly number this time... ;)

För er som vill ha reglerna och frågorna på svenska kommer de här:

Först reglerna:
* Svara på alla frågor.
* Välj ut 6 personer som du vill ska svara och utmana dem i deras bloggar, be dem läsa din.
* Låt personen som utmanade dig veta när du svarat på utmaningen!

Fem saker som finns på din Att-göra-lista idag?

Vad gjorde du för 10 år sedan?

Ställen du bott på?

Fem saker du skulle göra om du var biljonär?

Jag utmanar


babbalalla said...

Hejsan, jag har en liten grej till dig i min blogg! ;)

ANNAANNA said...

Jag känner terroristerna å tror att de mest tycker att vi är schyssta tjejor som gör reklam för dem...

Synd att du bor nästan på andra sidan jorden, annars hade du kunnat komma hit å höra dem live om två veckor.

Linda said...

Svaren finns i min blogg! =)

Lisbet said...

Hej i sommarmorgonen
Har inte haft tid att surfa runt men tänkte titta lite på din sida och önska dig en underbar fortsatt sommar.


Thessilou said...

Nu så! Nu har jag svarat och utmanat vidare!