08 July 2008

The winner for june challenge is...

... comming.

My partner in crime has gone from a free person to working his ass off (for nothing?). He is out right now to buy something for one of their businesses... but we said we should - if possible - talk later this evening. I guess I have to kick his ass a bit. That is to remind him to also tell me and all of us who of these won. :)

Getting back asap when I get a hold on this information...

Edit - the next morning: It was too late yesterday evening and that little guy opened his eyes and refused to sleep before I also lay down. Therefore... we didn't have the opportunity to talk. A new try will be made when possible.

Edit - friday: My partner in crime is really busy at the moment, but he will try to look at this during the weekend. And yes, he takes the assignment really seriously and he has some criteria he will look for.

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