16 July 2008

Wanted - Stamping foil

This is something I have been keeping my eyes open to find. Over four years have passed since I first saw this amazing material in some context (most likely it was in an american scrapbook, that is a book about scrap(booking) with an heritage/vintage look) and I haven't managed to find it. :( Where the heck am I going to find stamping foil? Or something similar? Do you know? Tell me all about it... ;)

Today I stumbled upon someone who have found this nice item. Look here (in Stämpelbodens blogg) what mia.t managed to to with it.
A step by step instruction can be found in mia.t's own blog. Nice indeed and definitely something I still want to try out.

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mia.t said...

Hej!! Präglingsfolien har jag köpt på Sykompaniet.se. Jag har haft den liggande ett tag utan att använda den... Du gör ju så suuuperläckra alster så det ska bli spännande att se vad du fixar till med metallen ;) Testa även att söka på "präglingsfolie" så får du upp ett par pappers/kontors butiker som säljer.

ps. tack för länken...och berömmet*r*