18 July 2008

Friday on my mind

If it's difficult to sleep for someone in this house, it's not that difficult to do just that for someone else. Or... where is of secondary interest. It rather depends on when. After a whole week of working days, fridays are usually very sleepy days or evenings. So today's photo for Anna's weekly challenge concerns a friday on my mind far away from party, pranks and stunts. It's more about coping...

maxell's screwed legs

Figuring in the picture is something that is quite atypical for him. But it's know to happen. The picture also shows parts of the furniture which I have no reason to change before he achieves an age where it's safer to have him in rooms with furniture. ;) The furniture in question is the same old well functioning one which have moved with me around and around and around again. And I know at least one person who can certify how stable it still is... ;)

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