30 July 2008

Reflections and questions from a creative mind

This text may seem a bit harsh, but... doesn't we all have our moments? Perhaps is it that I suffer from sunstroke. Or... is it just that I am trying to be serious or at least be taken for serious? I would appreciate if you take the time to read through the text and also react to it.

Creative Mind Illustration by Crisp

More? How do I manage to squeeze so much in on the pages I create? And how do I think to make it not too whimsy for the eye to behold? That second question is of course with exceptions and it's really in the eye of the beholder to judge how calm or not the page is to watch. There are not many of you who even bother to comment when you visit here to see what I put my heart and soul into and create. Then there are you who brightens up my days by leaving a line or two. And some of you sometimes ask me how I do. I have written some text on how I create before. I can probably write even more about it... Now to what's on my mind.

I added the challenge category after the great response I recieved to my writings concerning freestyle scrapping on a scrap forum. I got the feeling that there are many people sitting at their scrap desk who want to just let loose and create with a free and creative mind. The challenges I give in the challenge category are given with hope of inspiring you to create from what ever comes into your mind when you see the challenge in question. These challenges are often based on pictures since I figure that it's easier to think and associate from something you have before your eyes. To grasp some detail and see where it may take you. I have realised that this is how I create. I find some thread to start with. And then... I just go and go 'til it's enough.

I added the technical category to show what I encounter when I scrap. Those things are not rocket science. Those things which I have collected during my first encounter with the term scrapbooking - or even long time before that since I always have squeezed things into my photo albums. Those things that just crosses my mind in the making. Those things that I seldom can point out one single inspirational source for. Those things that I sometimes take for granted. Those things that I realise that some people don't even notice. Things that we all can think about and do/make/create with quite simple means. Things that will make me and you to think outside the box. To create those small details which hopefully adds something extra to a page and perhaps also surprises.

I have also started to write more around each page I create. What that page tells me or... rather what I want to say with that page. These texts are pieces of my inner mind which I make public.

So... are these things interesting for you who read my blog? Is there any worth in me posting these categories? And... what else would you like to see and read about? Or... should I just shut my big trout? ;)

Some people who have met me in real life have told me that they would like to have a look inside my brain. I usually reply something like that I, sometimes, also would like to have a look there. To see how it really works. So I can find the words for my thoughts, my convictions or just what's on my mind. This means that it's probably well worth for me to write down text about how I create and think and not think when I create. That is in order for me to understand and likely learn more. But... should I keep these texts for myself or are they also of interest for someone else? It's probably the researcher in me who thinks that any knowledge (research) which is not put open for critics are not knowledge (research). Therefore... shoot. Tell me what you like and not like with my blog. What you would like to see more or less of. And so on. I have my convictions and some of you seem to regard me as cold (that is to come from people who never have met me), but that does in no way mean that I cannot reconsider and change. If you ask me, I would say that constant thirst for experience and knowledge is one of the most important ingredients in life. This is the space where I open up for you to affect me and what comes out of my tapping on the keyboard. Catch that opportunity by leaving a comment. If you for some reason, regardless of what that reason may be, don't want to post your thoughts out on the open Internet - drop me an e-mail on maxellexam@gmail.com I am looking forward to see the reaction, if there even will be any, to this posting. And... if it's dead quiet I may likewise put the whole thing down...

I should perhaps add something about why I write my blog in some kind of English. Well it's just as simple as that I realised that it would be easier to finish my doctoral thesis if I use the same language in most of my writing. And... I also noted that there were some non-Swedish visitors to my blog. Even if the pictures often are the most important thing in scrapbooking... I thought that I also should make it possible for "everyone" to see the things that happen behind the scenes. :)


Lilo said...

Jag tycker du är superduktig som skriver på engelska. Min engelska är INTE bra! Så ska jag skriva på engelska kan jag ju skicka texten till dig för en översättning. ;) Morden ja! Igår fick jag rätt! Det blev två stycken! Jag visste väl att de inte hade all tid i världen att mörda folk när de skulle sjunga julvisor och laga mat. ;) Förra gången var det 3 mord!

bitte71 said...

Hej där!
TAck för bidraget till min utmaning!
Och ang den rååååsa blomman så är den utstansad med retroflowerblommestansen i sådant där glittrigt papper från Doodlebug (tror jag det är): sugarcoated bazzill heter det nog. Finns i massa olika färger!Ja, och sedan har jag böjt till den lite bara...

Lisa said...

I enjoy your blog because it is different from most of the scrapbooking blogs I visit. Your pages are unique and they are you, you are an artist and that is different from a scrapbooker. Anyone can follow instructions of how to create a page, you need no instructions. I would love to learn some of your techniques.

Metal_Minish said...

Folk är faktiskt väldigt lata med att kommentera, vilket är synd. Nu har jag inte många tittare i just min blogg, men på en annan sida där jag visar det jag ritar/målar har jag rätt många bevakare, runt 40 återkommande och desto fler som droppar in slumpmässigt, men har ändå i snitt 2 kommentarer per bild och kanske +100views!... Så att internet-folk ens tar sig tid att klicka sig till ens sida har jag försökt lära mig att ta som en komplimang. XD
Därför vill jag också passa på att säg tack till dig för att du kommenterar så ofta i min scrapblogg. ^o^

Det jag mest kollar efter i din blogg är ju dina scrapsidor, men jag tycker du har roliga utmaningar också! Dock har jag inte hoppat på någon än, har inga passande foto eller så... Men someday!
Dina ScrapSkisser skulle jag tänka mig se mer av! ^w^