16 July 2008

Best Free

Scrapmojo. I have been sneaking around that challenge blog for quite some time now, but never before had or taken me the time to complete a challenge.

For number 17 the challenge was to pick a Ditty Bops song and use the lyrics somewhere some how on the page. A second part was to doodle.

I picked a thoughtworthy part of the lyrics for Angel with an attitude. That is

"Contrary to popular opinion
the very BEST things in life
are for FREE"

And I scrapped with a paper which used to be a poster. Then it was run over by cars. Several cars... And yes, it was for free. ;) I found it late afternoon (that is the 15th of July) when I was on my way to fetch him up from Kindergarten... It was just laying there dirty, torn, weared and shiny bright waiting to be scrapped. ;)

You can also read another message on this page which has to do with me, myself and I... can you see it? :) This page is sparsly decorated - as compared to many other pages I have made - but there is still a lot of things going on. The colors, the contrasts, the soft versus the hard material, the texture, the rough paper, the handwritten (doodled) text and so on...


Nina said...

Aaahhh!! Såå SUPERLÄCKER! Fasen vad jag gillar din stil och dina kreativa idéer.

Du ROCKAR stenhårt, tjejen!!


Carin said...

...*StaaAAAAgedivaaaaaAAAar in i bloggen och ristar ett litet minnesmärke...* Eyy!! Tusen tack för snälla kommentarer på min blogg!!! [glad!] Men jag måste få kontra! MEH! Vilka ascOOLa LO´s! *diggar!* 8) Var hittar du alla coola grejer? Dekos o dylikt?! Jag letar ofta efter tuffare dekos men tycker det är svårt att hitta i djungeln!! *hjälp en vilsen pysslare..?!* ;) Jag är iaf mäkta imponerad och gillar din stil! Kommer att besöka din blogg ofta för inspiration! Kram C

ScräpEmma said...

Jag håller med föregående inlägg....det är en sådan enorm kick att titta in hos dig, du kan inte fatta....!!! Så full av idéer och roliga vändningar, dubbeltydigheter och klurigheter... Sanslöst läckert!!!

jomma said...

underbart. Du utvecklas hela tiden och har en fantastiskt egen scrapstil

bitte71 said...

DU är ju grym tjejen!! Vilken kreativitet och talang du besitter *häpnar*!!!!

Christina C. said...

oh, my goodness.

this is such a phenomenal page.
I love the colors here.
thank you so much for playing along with us!


Melissa said...

WOW! Very, very cool!!!
Thanks for playing along!
Melissa - ScrapMojo

Michelle said...

Wow this is incredible. Great paint and colors. Thanks for playing.

Scrap Mojo