15 July 2008

It's getting dark... but I see the light

It's raining outside my window. It's late evening. Actually in the middle of the night. It's summer which means that it's from now and a couple of hours more that it's dark outside. Today it's really dark. Almost black.

Related to black I give you this posting as a contribution to Annas weekly challenge, that is to show a picture of something that you have in your house. I show you this light. A very cheap one which I together with a graphite plate bought on impulse some months ago. My partner in crime was with me and I asked him if I should buy or not. He always - if he even replies to such a stupid question - says "If you want it". And yes, I wanted it.

maxell's red light (district)

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ANNAANNA said...

Wow! superläcker.