24 July 2008

Weekly challenge #7 - Flower Power

For this week, I would like to see how you can use flowers. Perhaps some home made paper posies. For what they are and how to make 'em, click here or just scroll down. :) But...

it's not flowers as you use to use them. You have to do
something different. Something surprising. Something awesome.

Copywriter: Thomas Danthine

Put in other words. I want you to rock'n'roll those Primas or whatever they're named. Show off their potential. Or... try to convince me that you can't make a scrap page, a card or something altered without flowers. ;)

Post a working link to whatever you come up with. And... who knows what will happen... ;)


Dana said...

WOW! Unexpected and terrific idea!!

Linda - www.knorrigt.com said...

Hjärtanen hittade jag på mässan här i Halmstad. Där var ett företag som sålde en massa roliga dekorationer, jag minns inte vad det hette men något med handgjorda papper. Köpte massor med fina dekos. :)