16 July 2008

Upcoming event - dinner

Already afternoon? I have really worked hard today and I have actually managed to straighten out some of the questions marks. But... of course. I have also managed to add new ones. How many are there of them?

Anyway. Afternoon means that the upcoming event is dinner. I have no clue what it will be made of today. I only know that it will be cooked with love and eaten on two of those three plates which are left of all the eight plates I got when I first moved from home. Don't ask where the other five plates are... :)

one of maxell's heart warming plates

Edit the following day: Well. Another example of that I should never ever express my "plans" since they never ever come out that way. Of course was yesterday one of those days when he refused to eat. No, we still have three plates. ;) But a large share of the rest of the house is upside down... and I am really not human today - or it feels really heavy.

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Dana said...

What a really great shot! Love the texture! Thanks for coming to check out my blog.. hope to see you again ! Dana