18 July 2008

Weekly Challenge #5 bONE YEAR - Contributions and winners

About bONE hour ago the deadline for last weeks challenge, that is the challenge to celebrate my bONE YEAR of blogging, passed. Two contributions. Two! Look at them and enjoy how they interpreted this picture

Picture from Valerie Confections

Scräpemma is very found of chocolate. Mmmm Marabou must be as Swedish chocolate as you an find. It used to come in two variants, but over the years they have extended their product line to include also more modern tastes. Daim (actually it used to be spelled another way... :) ) is perhaps familiar even to those who don't reside in Sweden and Mmmm Marabous Daim is just like Daim but with more chocolate. Scräpemma is also found of these double messages that you always can build in. Skull is a Swedish word with a quite different meaning - a meaning which I cannot really translate since there is no direct translation. The Swedish skull is used for the heading and the English skull is there in form of the grungeboard skull. Nice! I also really like the colors. The dark purple together with the yellow, red and lime. That's a fresh combination. The speech bubble is a nice detail. So is the eyelets on the ribbon. And the eyelets on the package. And the arrow. And the overlay. And the painted black. Well. Everything is nice. :)

Favourite - For pleasure by Scräpemma

Bitte/Marie writes that this is her go with freestylin. She also writes that she doesn't think it not that much freestyle. But it is. Indeed it is. She was just scrapping without thinking that much what to add. Just adding. That's free(style). What did she add then? Mesh is a really nice material which I like. Bam Pop is there. Tickets. Buttons. Elsies doodling. A heart with pearls on thread. A lot of fasteners. The skull with eyes. The HS sticker. The pom pom. The frame. The nice look of the title. All the fasteners. Well. That's nice. But what is most nice with this LO is the whole it builds up and the fact that I actually would like to have the same clothes as that little girl... ;)

Sweet as candy by bitte/Marie

I wrote that there would be two or more letters. Two contributions sums up to two letters. Since I am a bit confused/stressed out or whatever we call it, please send me your addresses on alexela999@hotmail.com so I can save those e-mails as reminders that I should ask him to help me out with this one... too :) Thanks for participating and giving us such creative interpretations.

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