28 July 2008

Imagine you had 1 million $s

Scrapmojo prompted me (and you and everybody else) to ask someone in your family or someone close to you what they would do if they had a Million dollars and then scrap that person's answers. We were also asked to try to include a picture of the person in question. If that was not enough :) , we were challenged to use a pen/pin anywhere on the page. It was possible to, for instance, use a pen for journaling or a stick pin on the page.

I realised that I would not get any usable answer from that little one. :) I also realised that I should spare you from the crazy answers which my father definitely would have given. I also realised that I should not challenge by posing that question to my mother. So... I made a deal. I encouraged him to be free this weekend if he gave me the answer. And... here it is. What he would do if he had one million $s.

The green color is a must since it's about green dollars. Gold is not something I really use, but here it was suitable. And all those small tiny cards of clubs. They just had to go there based on two things. First, the Swedish word for clubs is a synonym for money. Second, if you play your cards well, you will succeed. I put in the old song which goes "Money, money, money is a rich man's fun". I also put a watch there together with "Not if... when?" and what that means... well, isn't that obvious? Just look at that dollar grin. ;) There are some different banknotes (one which I colored in - in green), a small coin which was around some candy and tickets which express money. The question "How do you measure wealth?" is there. And there are three pins which I first twinned with some floss and then glued down with superglue. The background paper is a plain white paper which I colored in with means of coffee and tea about four years ago. The title, except the "im agine" stickers, is handwritten by me. There are also some important contrasts built in to this page... can you spot them? ;)

I just have to show you this detail. Some say that behind every successful man stands a woman/queen. Or is it that it's the women that is the successful queen with shitloads of money hidden in a secret gigantic treasure chest? Or is it better not to have a women who spends all that hard earned money on useless things? Or, who is it that is worth their weight in gold? It must definitly be something with that queen since there seems to be no King - only a Knight - on this page... ;) This part of the page would have been even funnier with a nickel or a dime there, but I didn't have any...

Anyway around, thanks a lot for this great challenge which really made me think and bend that strange mind I have. Thanks! And thanks to Marie, a great chick who sent me some of the real goodies which I adhered on this page. Thanks! And thanks for making me, once again, realise that you can scrap with about anything...and... I urge for more of this type of nice items to scrap...


Henrietta said...

Kanon läcker LO! Fattar inte hur du får dit så mycket och det blir bara snyggt :o)) för mig skulle det se plottrigt ut!

Linda - www.knorrigt.com said...

Så snygg!! :)

maxell said...

Tackar och niger fint å frågar vem? ;)

Annars tänkte jag... vore det intressant att läsa mer om hur jag tänker när jag skapar? Hur jag får dit alla de där sakerna? Osv. :)

Michelle said...

Wow, this is so cool. Love that you incorporated green into your lo. Great embellishing too. Thanks for playing.

Scrap Mojo

Lindsay said...

So cool! Thanks for playing along! :)

-Lindsay (Mojo)

Melissa said...

What a fun layout!!!
Thanks for playing along!!!
Melissa - ScrapMojo