21 July 2008

Wicked cool pranks

I woke up far to early this monday morning... I didn't really know what to do. Then I realised that there was a crop going on at the Nook and it was not due yet. So... off to creating something.

But... I must have not been really awake since the first page I made was not following the rules or "must haves". The second. Well, I was having a fight with the system to register for the gallery and that made the deadline pass with some few minutes. Since I already had done the page for that challenge, I posted it there anyway. And now it comes here too.

The challenge was a journaling one. The theme was to finish the sentence "I can't imagine my life without _______" by filling in the blank. To this was at least five lines of journaling, black and white photo(s), 3 buttons and at least one stamp added.

The photo is taken some time ago now. It has been laying around 'til I found a way to scrap it. There is a Swedish song which says that you are not allowed to put meatballs in your nose. So.. with regard to that song I encouraged his prank. :)

The journaling says

You never get to old for coming up with
and making a prank happen.

If you have the ability to never hesitate,
you will stay young in mind.

Our intuitions are a part of what makes us to be us.
I hope we never give that up.

What was your latest prank? ;)

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Linda - www.knorrigt.com said...

Sååå cool! :)