11 July 2008

Techniques - General information about a new blog tag

Techniques? Another new category. Well, why should I not share what I encounter during my scrapping? I'm found of surprising details in a playful manner. If I write something about how I create, perhaps someone else can learn and/or see how to create just that thing for just that page or card.

This category will not include basic techniques. Instead it concerns those surprising things which are based on a freestylin' mindset.

I hope you will get inspired by my writings and pictures and above all, I hope that you, if you haven't already tried it out, dare to try it out for yourself. And... it would be really nice if you comment by giving a link to show what you have created, do create or think about creating from the theme in question. In that way all of us can increase our scrapping knowledge in a win-win-manner. That sounds fair in my ears. :)

Below is a list of all published techniques

Save a ruined printout
Slide mounts and "can opener"
Paper, sand and stamped OH-plastics
Which role does the background play?
Grab a pen and just write. Just write. And draw.
Continuing on a photo
Make your own altered chipboard title
Matching paper posies
My modified version of Faux wood by dr.Nina
Make your own clear titles and decorations

Techniques posted by others can be found here.

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