25 July 2008

Nice items #11 - Chipboard albums

Well. I cannot get in contact with my Photo bucket at the moment. This means that I cannot post my stuff now.

While I wait for someone to pull the right cable in place, I have to investigate some nice chipboard albums. I feel that it's coming closer now. The moment when I have to start and finish my first minialbums. These first ones should of course not have an ordinary shape... instead the shape should be something like...

For him
A castel album
This is really awesome

Just think how much fun
I would have with filling it with
my prince... :)

For those moments when life goes like on rails
(That's a Swedish expression)

For all those Kodak moments

For the things that takes me to heaven

For that place where I grew up

For all those insights I have in life

For the one who is my baby? ;)

For the Royal
Indeed Royal

For all those places where the postman used to deliver

For those things that little bird told me...

And yes, I will most probably add more pictures to this posting later on... or in a new posting. Anyway it's going to be, do you know of any awe chipboard albums? Tell.. tell... just tell. :)

Edit: Since some of you are asking about where you can find these albums I answer that question here. I have no clue. :) Or... a dream album which is similar to Believe and Baby is available from Jommas. The rest... well. I found these pictures on the big huge wide Internet and to be honest, I don't even know who produces some of them. :)


Kada said...

WOW, s´å många KUL album du hittat; det med huset måste jag försöka få tag på; passar ju kanon till bilder av vår tillbyggnad här... *ler*

Massor av sommarkramar,

Tezzan said...

var har du hittat albumet med baby? det skulle jag vilja ha, det var ju underbart...

Tezzan said...

Det fanns en hel del olika ordalbum på scrapbooking4you.se, och jag har beställt just Baby från grodans Scrapgarden.