26 July 2008

My {123} GOal

I guess I managed on time for We dare you week 30. This weeks promt was to scrap about my skills and abilities. Large as well as small ones. What have I succeded in/with? What goals have I accomplished?

My {123} GOal is a play with the fact that I really hate to make up plans (for the future). Of course, I have goals in/with my life, but they are not set in stone. I imagine that it's better to leave things open. Put another way, I take things as I encounter them at the same time as I secretly try to do my best to achieve those goals that I indeed have. ;) And some detours on the way are just ordinary food... The trick is to not let those detours take you too far away from that track... the track that it's safe to leave... This page contains important things in my life which reminds me of those detours, the goals I have and that I should not get lost when I leave that track.

Once again I managed to use up the whole kit for this month's challenges. This page contains three Holtz tickets with words, the larger Holtz ticket and also that Bohemian wrapping which the green rhinestones came in. ;)

Edit: Go over to the We dare you blog to see this page and some of the other really nice rockin' interpretations of skills, abilities and goals.


Henrietta said...

Kanon läckert som vanligt! Gillar verkligen din något utflippade stil!! Mycket som passar så bra ihop!!

Linda said...

Älskar de två senaste layouterna! Biljetterna är så coola, måste nog försöka införskaffa såna.
Hoppas du har fått njuta liiite av solen i alla fall, och inte bara suttit inne och jobbat. =)

Anonymous said...

En kvinna med smak. Svart bakgrund på bloggen. Gillas:-)

Tezzan said...

WOW, vad cool!!!