22 July 2008

July challenge - some contributions

Here are some contributions for the July challenge - spit it out. There is still time to complete this challenge. Follow the link to see some inspiration pictures. To this comes that you are to use

- at least one photo/(stamped) image
- stamps of any kind and
- something made of metal

on what you create - an LO, a card or something altered. Besides that, you are

- encouraged to add whatever you like as we are supposed to think freestylin' in a punk style...

The first contribution is made by Ellen - Avigt.nu and she was inspired by a frame and a ransom font. The colors are punk for me. To this is a rough look achieved by stamping on the background paper. The torn paper is really nice. Actually I don't manage to get them that nice. :) Safety pins are added in a true punk manner.

Cousin Sean by Ellen

Next is Bi who says that she's a bit too old for punk... I ask: Can you ever be that? ;) She is interpreting punk as those spike hairs, chains and needles. The closest to spike hair she found among her pictures was a picture of a baby hedgehog and a curious cat. The cat tried to make friends, but "Igge" was consistent to show those spikes... This is also punk. The title is classic. There is a really nice solution for a chain. Rivets! And safety pins.

Go on punk, make my day by Bi

Scräpemma was interrailing and ended up in Berlin 3rd of October 1990 and, as you probably already know, that's less than a month after the Berlin wall fall and Germany was united. People were celebrating all over the place and you can see that freedom feeling in that photo. The title is so good. It's a paraphrase of songs/album titles of two punk bands. A chain, rivets and safety pins. Look at that nice doodled house and the punk fabric. You also have to note her solution for the "stamp" rule. There are some stamps there. And that's real stamps. And they are stamped! :)

Never mind the landlord by Scräpemma

Samara also used the frame with text on it. Then she had problems to find a picture to scrap and here "good-looker" helped her out by picking a photo of him and telling her to scrap about him. It's about the first summer. The summer that they met, was engaged and also married within 2 months and 9 days. If that is not in line with what punk stands for, I must have missed some important ingredient in this subculture. I like the red background. It's romantic and dreaming in a cool way. And look how love is spreading all around by the placement of the scalloped hear. Noteworthy is talso hat she used spare letters in different colors and this adds to a punk feeling. Finally, I really like that frame. So nice. Unfortunately she doesn't know where it comes from. Anyone else who knows and can tell us?

The first summer by Samara

I am so glad that you joined in on my challenge. It's such an edifying sight to see how you all interpret and create. Some parts are similar, but each page is a really personal interpretation of the theme. Great!

And again... there is still time to complete this challenge. Full information is found here.

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