31 August 2008


Today is the last day to send in the august challenges. I have recieved some contributions, but not many.

So find a nice coloring page and create something with it. Full information is found here. This challenge will have open voting for the winner.

And lift any of my creations. Full information is found here. The winner will be chosen for this challenge and the price is something that is maxell. :)

30 August 2008

I'm overwhelmed

I opened the eight presents which found their way to my home through a birthday swap. And I can only say that I'm overwhelmed. Great things, much creativity, many colors, many matching things, many things I have never seen before, some things that I am familiar with and there are overall things that screams to me to be scrapped. And to that comes 8 nice birthday cards in so many different styles that I just smile and continues to smile. I love every single corner of everything. Thanks! I cannot say it in a better way. You folks rock and you rock my birthday.

I will of course put in pictures here later on. Perhaps I will await the three missing presents that are to come. Realise, there are three more presents to open. It really feels like being a little girl again and I do forget that I am starting to get really old now. That's an amazing feeling. :)

I also want to say thanks to you who have congratulated me here and there. Thanks!

It's just...

about now that I open the first parcel. Just one. Only one. I promise. ;)

29 August 2008

This is strange

There are some PIFs to come here. I am planning to get one year older first and that's tomorrow. After that I will see to it to arrange a number of PIFs here.

And... you know what. I missed a PIF from July from Pysselpetra. I just found out about it. How strange isn't that?

28 August 2008

Playful and free

and showing a true blooming creativity.

This page is made for Elisabeth's august challenge who says to use a serie of at least three photos and handwritten journaling. I have scrapped these photos before. It's seldom I use a serie of photos so when I found these printed out in the wrong format for that other page, I decided to use them. He is making cards for valentines day. These photos are actually taken before I started to scrap again after some yeard of break. That means that we were doing paper crafting without me scrapping. :)

I sometimes envy him since he is so free in what he does as compared to us who have lived for a while. This envy explains the long title. :) The handwritten story is written all over the photos. The color matching for this page is a bit flipped out, but... i just felt for doing it this way. To add those flowers to represent that blooming creativity and using those soft pink and soft blue/turqouise papers. I was thinking about stopping there, but I just had to create and add all those small decorations there since that makes the page me. I'm sorry for not knowing if we have any of those hearts - the ones created in the photos - laying around. If I had known where to look I would definitely adhered at least one of those too...

27 August 2008

It's Emmy's birthday today

I say congratulations and tell you that she hosts a lottery in her blog.

Baby powerful!

We Dare You week 35 is about those small, small, tiny things which have lead to considerable changes in life. I wrote on the forum that we could scrap about small toes which effect when you can start to entitle yourself a parent, a paper for admission here or there, an employment certificate here or there, a decision to move across the whole country due to some reason, a splinter in the foot which caused an infection, a ring which is put on your finger when you promise fidelity for the rest of your life, the look which says it all at the same time as it makes your knees shiver and so on.

I was thinking about doing something else before I realised that he is and most likely will continue to be what has lead to the greatest changes in my life. I remember that I knew it would be huge to become a mother. Now I know that there are no way you can know in advance how huge it is. There are no words in the world to describe...

From the kit are the letterstickers including the two x, the Bam Pop frame, the HS journaling paper, the HS photo corner and that small pink checkered paper piece which the Hello Kitty sticker came with. I had used all a so I went over a 8 with the scissor to form some kind of a. Anyone against scrapping a pink page about my precious little boy? ;)

Nice items #17- Knock on wood

Nice items #16 - Words...

25 August 2008

Yes, I know

I missed the weekly challenge again. My brain is occupied with existential questions and answers and gigantic projects so... that's just the way it is right now.

I will perhaps get back later on with how it will be.

A card landed the other day

... in someones mailbox. It has ingredients connected to the previous posting so i just continue to ride on that wave today. ;)

The thing I like most about this card I made is those acrylics. The ones I just smeared out without almost no plan at all...

24 August 2008

What does maxell love?

Some month ago I received an e-mail with a subject telling me what I love. I replied and then waited with a great portion of patience. Finally. The other day I received another message telling me what I love. Now is the time to make it public.

Click here to find out. And yes, I think it's a pretty cool thing.

I feel that I have to give thanks to one person. That person is Bodil. She who said some words to me which made this thing happen - for real. Encouragement is heavy stuff. Thanks!

Life's a theatre

and sometimes I sit there and just watch life. The things I see are not things anyone really wants to see, hear, read or learn about. The previous posting is one of these things I see. Something that my weared eyes catched this weekend. Something that We already knew, but We hadn't before made explicit in letters forming rows, rows and even more rows of words. Something that made the rest of the world stand still. Something that gave everything else a feeling of quietness.

I know that I should not write these things. Not at all and especially not when I'm in the mood I'm in right now. It's a rather dark mood. Dark, but not destructive in the views You can take. Dark and so destructive since every time this happens something inside of me dies. I see madness and sadness. And yet I don't want to stop since there are way to much to loose. That's what I see. My eyes see a lot. Very a lot. Sometimes way too much...

To balance. That's the key. My balance is there. Most of the time. I have at least one positive thing to tell about here.... but first reality. It's calling for me. Again. So... that balance have to wait. But I promise that I will deliver. I know that I want to. I know that You want it. I also know that I'm prepared. I know that You are prepared. But.. what the hell more do We have to kill to get there?

20 August 2008

These boots r made 4 walking

... and that just what they've done.

Week 33 for We Dare You is about shoes. Scrap your shoes. Which ones do you love? Which ones make you feel great? Which ones are your worst buy? I remember that someone once said to me "how the hell did you manage to collect so many shoes?". They are heavy... to move. :) I defintely have to many of them and I only use a few. During my lifetime I think I have managed to use only about three pairs of shoes until they fell apart in pieces... But...

Boots. Yes, it had to be boots. Boots are made for walking. These boots are definitely made for walking. And how they have walked. So much they have seen, heard, tasted, touched and experienced. And they were definitely worth that wine bottle I gave away to get to wear them.

Letter stickers (+ three extra letters taken from the stickers that came with the large July kit), the Bam Pop frame, the HS photo corner, the Hello Kitty sticker (which I should have used for a cat layout, but now it ended up here) and the punchinella are from the kit. The rest are things from my stash. Patterned papers which I have went over with a scissor, stickers, ribbons, "diecuts" and so on. The first thing which crossed my mind was to take on those boots, run through some mud and then just walk.... just walk over a background paper. I tried that out and it didn't really work... so I actually stamped the footprint there with non-waterproof ink...

18 August 2008

Weekly challenge #10 - Guilty?

Opps. I did it. Missed to publish a new weekly challenge. I knew it would happen. And... to be honest... did anyone miss it?

Perhaps am I supposed to feel guilt now. Perhaps not. I know what I feel... do you know what you feel?

Anyway... I give you some really nice posters to be inspired by. All posters are from and are copyrighted by

Some claim you to have committed a
and want you to be in
so you will
your nonexisting

Comment to this posting when you are finished. Give a working link to show what you come up with from these posters.

16 August 2008

Somebody loves me

... or at least my blog. ;)

Look what I got from Evelina, Cissi, anneh, metal_minish (yes, I got it back from her), Cattis and Carina. So nice! So really nice!

The rules

1. The winner can put the logo on his or her blog.
2. Link the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of the boys and girls you've nominated

I will get back with the ones I nominate when my first wryneck is leaving me alone. ;)

Next day:

Despite wryneck and shit, I decided to update. The persons I got this award from are deserving it back. And then... OK, here we go...

Since I came to think about it, I realise I have to do it. Break the rules that is. So... here we go again.
And who knows. Perhaps I will add even more blogs to this award thing later on. It just depends on which thought of all those which are running trough my mind that I decide to grab a hold on and do something with. ;)

If you are missing from the list, don't get sad. Every single blog I visit have something to offer. Something that inspires me... and everyone else. So... keep on blogging! :)

Edit: I updated with some more persons who gave me this award and a lot of other stuff. One important update is that gender thing which Metal_Minish spotted and I decided to fix. Another important update is that rule thing which my warped mind just had to do. 666.

15 August 2008


I translated this list as a break from work... work... and more work... Answers are to be given with only one word.


1.Your mobilephone? Called
2. Your other half? Who?
3. Your hair? Bad
4. Your mother? Mine
5. Your father? Driving
6. The best thing you know? Secret
7. Your dream this night? None
8. Your dream/your goal? Solidarity
9. The room where you live? Chaos
10. Your hobby? Found
11. Your fear? Gone
12. Want to be in six years time? Alive
13. Was yesterday evening? Active
14. What you not are? Affected
15. One thing you wish for? Break
16. Where you grew up? Distant
19. The last thing you did? Washed
20. Your clothes? Worn
21. Your TV? Occupied
22. Your pet/s? Claws
23. Your computer? Which?
24. Your temper? Mine
25. Miss someone? Yes
26. Your car? Washed
27. Something you don't wear? Gloria
28. Favouritestore? Varying
29. Your summer? Work
30. Love someone? Defintely
31. Favourite color? Black
32. When did you laugh? Amnesia
33. When did you cry? Amnesia

14 August 2008

"1 Lily" with that glitter overlay

I promised to get back with my solution or use of that large glitter overlay from the large july kit from Jommas. It's that glitter thing from Fancy Pants that you see in the upper left corner in that picture. My solution for that glitter overlay is "1 Lily".

I thought that glitter overlay was very difficult to fit in on a page as it was. In cooperation with my mother, I simply decided to cut it. In three parts. That the bytterfly should be it's own was my mothers brilliant suggestion. The theme for this page is one of all those flowers which are present in our garden. A flower which matched the patterned papers in this kit plus that cut glitter overlay. I added some scraps of other papers to achieve some more life and also even more matching with the photo.

12 August 2008

Card #1 - Come on, Let's party

This and the following eight postings are cards made with really simple means. I just cut out pictures from magazines, newspapers and all that more or less stupid advertisments which tend to find its way to our home. I created one card of at least one of these pictures.

The theme for each card was chosen based on what popped in to my mind when I looked at each picture. All text is written by me. This is done in order to make the cards simple and fast to create and also to add a personal touch to every card. The card base is quite neutral since I knew that is would make it easier to just flip away in any direction I took. The cards are made for a swap where the thing was to make cards which are outside the box or to, if you perfer another expression, freestyle.

Yes, come on... let's party!

Card #2 - Congratulations

I don't know this guy, but he is screaming happy about someone who is in for a congratulation for a win...

Card #3 - You are hot

For some sweet Dear ONe who is bUring hoT... ;)

Card #4 - Coffee time?

DO you NOT want some coffee? For you know... coffee is the best thing to do in the evening... or during the night, in the morning, before lunch, for lunch, during afternoon and... ;)

Card #5 - Good luck

We all need some good luck now and then. For when those balls start to roll... we all know that the winner takes it all...

Card #6 - Thank you

Thanks. For what? Something that has to do with knowledge since there is an apple there? Or perhaps thanks for the apple pie that late saturday afternoon in october?

Card #7 - Shall we get together for some coffee?

Ballerina. Yummy indeed. This card is a card to send to someone to ask whether they are in for a get together for some coffee on a bloody sunday...

Yes, I have some difficulties with the red color since it almost always looks like blood... :)

Card #8 - Happy travel/vacation

This card is made with two circles of two things which usually are connected to travel and/or vacation. I added some color the text "Happy travel". Nothing more needs to be said about this card.

Card #9 - Call me

This is strange.
The card started out with that cute little telephone foot. I added newspaper, chalk and a hand made sun. But... why send someone a card who tells that person to call you? I don't know why. Is it a message to tell someone that you have changed your telephone number? Or... is it just a call for someone to call you and brighten up your dark days? Those days when you feel totally footloose and nead a kick *you know where*...