29 July 2008

Outside in our garden

I also took on mahlin78's material challenge. The following things had to be on the page I created.

2 photos
2 patterned papers
2 cardstock
2 ribbon/lace
4 flowers
4 brads
Hand written title. That is the whole title has to be handwritten.

It's him again. At work... outside in our garden. I cannot explain the clouds there. There were no clouds in the sky on that day... but for some reason, I just put them there anyway. Perhaps to fit in that second cardstock since I used a clear background. :)

2 photos are there. 2 patterned papers makes up two trees. Two trees that actually are in the garden for real. :) 2 cardstock where the greeen one is my handcut grass, flowerstems and leaves and the white one are the clouds. 2 ribbons in the form of ric rac are used as flower stems. 4 flowers are... well... there are only four flowers on this page. :) 4 different brads makes out the flower centres. The title is - yes - handwritten. I then hope that it's ok that I added a clear background where I painted in the water he is spreading all around.


Lisa said...

That is amazing! I love the acrylic and the trees are awesome.

At Scrap Your Crap your entire doesn't have to be based on a whole page of inspiration any element can be used from a page. So come and play along, I always love seeing your work!

Dana said...

Beautiful! Simply Amazing!

Greta Adams said...

Your work is GORGEOUS!!!! love that on the acrylic and your handwriting is to die for

Sofia said...

Så himla läckert, gillar verkligen denna själv har jag så svårt för att få till något med genomskinlig bakgrund

Cissi said...

Så vansinnigt läckert med det transparenta... och alla detaljer GOSH!! =D