20 July 2008

Techniques - Continuing on a photo

Some photos just have that look which screams out that you should continue to build on the photo. I give you three examples

Here I continued the grey... and, together with paper piecing, built up a scene.

This is among the first pages I made after my long scrapping break which lasted some years. In this case, I torn a number of papers in as similar colors to the photo as I in that moment found. And yes, some of them are matching from the start, while I added the others. The result is an extension of the view where the photo is taken.

Here I cut a photo of him laying in some frosty leaves. If you look carefully, you will see that I actually draw some extra leaves on the background. To continue the photo, fill in the half leaves and also add some extra ones for balance.

Hope you will try this technique out. And... for the win-win that will increase our scrapping knowledge, please comment to the specific posting by giving a link to whatever you create or some up with from the theme in question.


Ulle said...

Pop til u drop är verkligen urhäftig. Så härliga färger!

Cattis said...

Urhärliga och läckra layouter! Du måste komma på en scrapträff så jag får se när du är i farten.. ;)