30 June 2008

Take 'em all

I almost forgot... Music!

I can't help it... but this makes me happy. :)
Anomalies anyone?

29 June 2008

My favourite color is telling me...

What My Favorite Color Black
Says About Me

Timeless --- Stylish --- Sophisticated

Overpowering --- Intimidating --- Dominant

Perfectionist --- Controlling --- Competent

Out of this world

Carola has a challenge in the summer blog party part one where we are supposed to be inspired by a sketch she has made.

I decided to make something out of the different parts of the sketch. I turned the sketch 90 degrees clockwise, almost mirrored it, saved the stars and decided to make a space theme. :)

Paper piecing is fun stuff! You should definitely try it out if you haven't already done that...

Mommy's rockin killer {clown}

Summer blog party! Part one ends tomorrow night and I haven't had the time before to scrap anything! Today I decided to try anyway. I took on a challenge from Lena and Ronja. It said to use at least one skull, two patterned papers, white cardstock, at least 5 buttons and punchinella. Here is my result "Mommy's rockin killer {clown}.

And yes the killer clown is painted as an indian... ;)

Reminder: I have recieved two pages from my own june challenge. Is it that difficult? Come on now and grab that scissor and create. :) You can see the whole challenge here.

28 June 2008

Enjoy life

A month of We dare you has passed. The fourth challenge was to scrap about our desires. We all have our desires. Mine is perhaps a bit different from the other interpretations since there is no physical desire on the page (or are there?)... ;)

I also would like to say that I managed to achieve my goal, that is to say to use up all of the kit. I have used every part of it and the only things left are some lace and some scraps of the journaling cards. That's nice!
And now we wait for the next kit...

My secret garden

For the third part of We dare you, we were supposed to scrap about our safe place. The place to which we can escape and feel safe. I have had real problems with this challenge since I really don't know where that safe place is... Finally, I realised that I should scrap another ambiguous page that reveal some parts and leave other parts hidden.

Looking at the vinyl decorations in combination with something that my partner in crime said during midsummer made me go for my first clear page. You can say that I in more than one way finally figured out how the vinyl decorations should be used... The result is a bit messy, but I like it. :)

26 June 2008

Midsummer swap - The contents

I have shown you all the parcels for the midsummer swap. Here is a picture of the amazingly yummy contents. Are you drooling? :)

And there is - surprise, surprise - a challenge going on to create something from these items. The items are divided into four groups:

- Journaling papers and cards
- Ribbon/Yarn/Lace/Pom pom trim/Punchinella
- Flowers/Butterflies
- Brads/Buttons/Pearls/and so on

The challenge is to create something using items from at least three of the groups. I really hope I will have the time to do this before the deadline. You can only guess how much I would like to revel in these goodies... :)

Handmade journaling cards

Some weeks ago, I participated in a swap of homemade journaling cards. A really nice initiative if you ask me. This is a picture of the cards that was sent back to me.

Aren't they nice? And I can proudly say that my little one has made the distressed red little rectangle all by himself...

Weekly challenge #3 - Peace and Love

This weeks challenge is the banner for an awesome festival where most people would like to spend their comming weekend. And yes, they are sold out... I can figure why... :)

When you are finished, please leave a comment to this posting with a working link to your result. When should this then be done? ASAP... but there are actually no deadline for when to do and post your results for this challenge. A new challenge will be posted next week.

Remember that you have one more week to create and post last weeks challenge. Remember that there are still some days left for june challenge in the summer blog party. July challenge will be posted in a couple of days.

21 June 2008

Nothin' but a good time

... and it really feels today. ;)

Late afternoon update: It feels like...

and things aren't always...

20 June 2008

Strawberries, fresh potatoes, herring and boo(h)ze...

YES! Indeeed. This is all a person needs today.

And I bet my ass that there will be some rain before the day is over. Last years "desert" with ingredients such as some old houses, "coalbuns", a white pontiac, right-left, damaged net tights, more right-left and flowers all around was more an exception than a rule...

In honour of this Swedish tradition, I give you something that reminds me of old midsummer sins...

19 June 2008

Auf gute Freunde... never sell out... (even if there is) chaos in my life

These three are for our special person...

Weekly challenge #2 - Midsummer inspiration

Summer, sun, fun and summer again. This weekend we are going to celebrate midsummer here in Sweden. That means that there are a lot of family and other gatherings going on around the country and elsewhere. Look at the flyers below for past and present such midsummer themed gatherings and create something. What you create must not necessarily have a midsummer theme or even a summer theme. Be inspired by the colors, the fonts, the pictures, the sketch that can be found if you look closer... Put another way, just create from whatever first pops into your mind.

You can of course create more than one work and be inspired from one, two or more flyers. The only things that is "a rule" for these challenges is that the result should be freestyle in some way. When you are finished with whatever you create, please leave a comment to this posting with a working link to your result including a short (or long) description of how you was inspired and also how you were freestyling. This time there is a deadline for when to post your results for this challenge. If you post in two weeks time, that is to say before the 3rd of July 23.59 (Swedish time zone) you will be able to win something that is freestylin'. And remember... in a week a new challenge will be posted.

PS. If you don't understand how to go about with this challenge or kanske föredrar instruktionerna på svenska - e-mail me on alexela999@hotmail.com

Edit: I prolonged the deadline for this challenge...

18 June 2008

A card for someones birthday

I made this card some weeks ago now.

It's a card for someones birthday. A pretty simple card. An ordinary paper was first distressed and inked and then folded with the back peeking out behind the front. A hand written rather large congratulations message is added to the front. Nothing more. Nothing less. Just a happy birthday card. An unique happy birthday card since I will never be able to reproduce the card. ;)

Designing with Jommas small May kit

The following three postings are pages I have designed for Jommas with the small May kit.

And have you seen the kits for June? It's time to order yours now!

Mommy fly with me

Mini-piles of Ephemera must be among the best things that have happened to scrapping. Have we seen so many wonderful and more or less unique things to decorate your pages with? Five random decorations from such a mini-pile was included in Jommas small May kit. I received a nostalgic bubble sticker of an airplane and tickets with perfect color matching to the patterned papers. These decorations directly gave the theme for this page and I started my hunt for that “old” photo of him when he is flying for the first time in his life. He is not even three months old when I put him in a cabin seat to take him to a warmer climate.

Rather recently he asked me if we could fly. I answered him that we had already done that. Several times. He has a good memory and a sense for details, but he was probably too young to remember these flights. So. For that reason I have now promised him that one day will his wish "mommy fly with me" once again come through.

Decorations from the kit are airplane bubble sticker, ticket, self-adhesive bling wing (Prima) and bird brad (Prima). All other things are from my stash or exclusively made for this page. And look how good the paper from Prima matches the one from Hambly…. and also the map. :)

: Heavenlies (Prima - Angelique Collection), Houndstooth (Hambly - Screen Prints - Hand silk-screened)
: Self-adhesive bling wings (Prima), Brad (Prima - Morning Song Collection), Airplane bubbly sticker + Ticket + Playing Card + map (Ephemera), Thickers Eggnog (American Crafts), Palm diecut (hand drawn), Satin ribbon, Ric-rac
Fluid chalk
: Aquamarine
: White acrylic color
: Black and Red, Colored pencils

Click here for Swedish version.


Isn’t it warm or even hot outside at this time of the year? Sometimes it’s almost too hot. Far away are sunny winterdays when the snow is crunching under your shoes and the frost is sparkling wherever you turn your head. Yet… it is perhaps what I am missing at the moment. Those cold amazing days of the year. And since I received a flower diecut with Jommas small May kit means that this page was made by itself.

There are clear similarities between the flowers on the diecut and those frosty flowers on the picture. I covered the flower diecut with speciality glaze pearl and glitter, poured white glitter over the letters and added glitter glue on the blue parts of the patterned paper in order to bring about a really frosty feeling. The felt ribbon is suitable since it gives a warm feeling at the same time as the photo is from out garden. I also note that I made double photo mats. I who usually uses no photo mat at all…

Paper: Angel Kisses + Angel Breath (Prima - Angelique Collection)
Decorations: Flower diecut (Ephemera), Felt ribbon (Prima), White glitter, Light blue glitter glue
QK: Diesel Classic
Color: Specialty Glaze Pearl + Specialty Glaze Glitter + Wheat (Making Memories), Pitch Black (Adirondack)
Pen: Black

Click here for Swedish version.

17 June 2008

Enjoy, you got a ticket 2 life

I tend to forget or perhaps suppress that you can achieve extra effects by cutting out the subject from photos. But... on this page I remembered to do just that.

One Prima paper is combined with a color matching Hambly paper. Ticket (with the text “ticket” (Ephemera), bling wings (Prima) and journaling card (Prima Dude collection) are decorations from Jommas small May kit. Other decorations are things that I have combined by heart to create a rather wild and rowdy but nevertheless also a calm and nice page from the theme that he has all possibilities to enjoy life. That is to say that he as a ticket 2 life…

Paper: Harp (Prima - Angelique Collection), Brocade (Hambly - Screen Prints - Hand silk-screened)
Decorations: Self-adhesive bling wings (Prima), Dude journaling card (Prima), Black punchinella, Ribbons, Ric-rac, Tickets (Ephemera).
Stamps: Freestyle alphabet (Autumn Leaves)
Pen: Gelly roll white (Sakura), Black
Fluid Chalk: Charcoal
Ink: Black (Memories)

Click here for Swedish version.

16 June 2008

The first contributions to June challenge

I have recieved two two contributions to June challenge.

First out is Bi. She has used a wonderful colorcombination that makes me think of a real Oasis. And look at those paper piecings. Mmmm me like!

Evelina/Alien Bling has made an amazing page about her dark sides. She asks herself how she dares to put such a page straight in the face of people since there seems to be a norm that says that you are only allowed to scrap about happy things. Well. If you ask me... nothing is wrong to scrap about. That's what should be termed artistic freedom... So... here I promote this kind of daring scrapping by putting her interpretation of the challenge straight in your face. Look to see artistic freedom when it's really free.

I will make my own intrepretation of this challenge too. I acted detective last week and I managed to find the photo I want to use - Thanks man! Now I have to grab that scissor and start making decorations. :)

And for you that for some reason have missed this challenge. This is a reminder. You still have half a month to create something. :) Look here for details. I add that you don't have to have an address in Sweden to participate.

14 June 2008

I am (who) I (am)...

... and I'm damn proud of that. Just think how stupid it would be of me to be someone else...

This is my interpretation of the second We dare You. This week we was encouraged to scrap about the positive sides of ourselves. The things that we are most proud of. This page was to be made with the intention to remember the wounderful things with ourselves. The intention was also that you actually should/could put the page in a frame and hang it on a wall.

I started to list positive things with me, myself and I. I checked this list with my partner in crime. Some days later I sat down to scrap. Without that list of postive things. So typical me. To change my mind, my plans and/or don't caring about what I had been thinking of . ;) Anyway. I first felt that I should put a plus sign somewhere on the page and laborated with the thought of tilting it so no one would know wheter I was thinking about a plus sign och a cross over myself... Then I took my senses back and made a page that says it all. Here is "I am I"...

Some of the things that are fuckin' bad in this text considering the English language will perhaps be corrected when we run out of drinks and things to celebrate. :P

13 June 2008

Friday the 13th

First, I am happy that I survived thursday the 12th.

Friday the 13th started really good with me getting rid of some garbage from the garden combined with that the scent of cinnamon buns filled our house. I followed up with some play with colors. Yes, I have updated the first weekly challenge with my own interpretation of the poster in question.

Then... I lost track...

Picture from Savage Chickens

Now I am as puzzled as I can be. Which string should I start to pull?

Edit: 15.35 Swedish time zone, this blog had 1000 visitors since I added this function on May the 25th. That means 1000 visitors in less than 3 weeeks. Something that must be regarded - to use a familiar saying - as "not bad peed"... and yes, I do/push some statistics at the moment...

12 June 2008

Weekly challenge #1 Iggy

Bored with shitloads of work I decided to start a weekly challenge for you.

Why another challenge when there are so many out there on the huge Internet? Well, this one is a bit different. It has no rules except that you should break out of that ridiculous box in some way. To achive genuine freestyling, your good and bad sides have to be tickled.

Each challenge contains one or many pictures to be inspired from. Some of these may perhaps be regarded as offensive by some viewers, but I quote my partner in crime when I say that "when a person feels something offensive, it's just programmed in that person's mind to react in that way". If something stears up strong feelings it's a good opportunity for catching those feelings and break out of that phoney box...

The first picture is, if you ask me... rather calm. :)

Observe this picture. Contemplate and consider. Think! - but not too much... Grab anything that comes into you mind. Act and start to create. When you are finished, please leave a comment to this posting with a working link to your result. When should this then be done? I said no rules and that means no rules. ;) Therefore... there are no deadline for when to do and post your results for this challenge.

I will of course make my own interpretation of this picture and post it here. Just here. Just below here. ;)

Update on friday the 13th... Here it is, just below as I said.

This page was rockin' fun to make. Do you see how I suck out inspiration from the poster? A bit more colorful than the poster, but that's called creativity. :) Similarities and/or inspiration can be noted in the painting, the apperance of the heading including one of the words, the photo and where it is placed and part of the journaling. Looking at it now, I don't know why I don't play with colors more often since I really love those rough effects you get when you paint not so perfect. One more nice thing is that there are really not so many products manufacutred exclusively for scrapbooking on this page. And yes, I colored over the photo including the frosty leaves.

Now I want to see your interpretations wheter they are blacknwhite or bubbling over with colors. Not to say that it doesn't matter if they are soft charming cute or outrageously morbid. ;) (That last interpretation is exclusively written with direct inspiration from milaja)

All challenges

Here are all the weekly an other challenges with links to each posting. Following the link give you all information about the challenge in question and also links to interpretations of the challenge. The list can of course be used to easily find an challenge to create from and/or post your interpretation. And yes, it's allowed to take on a finished challenge and link in your result.
Let yourself be inspired... :)

10 June 2008

Guest designer for Hobbyhuset June 2008

I have the honour to create for Hobbyhuset as a guest designer during June 2008.

Some weeks ago a totally awesome kit arrived in my mailbox. That kind of kit that you can do so much of and with. It's all about imagination and interpretations.

I start out in the following three postings with two rocking interpretations and one colorful summer interpretation. And there are more to come before the end of June.

Time to rock the clock

A page that combines rocking papers, decorations and clear stamps.

The upper part of the homemade tag is stamped with one of the stamps in the set from Ink by Steph. The frame is handdrawn and colored in red. Small rhinestones are used as flower centers.

Color choices are made on the basis that I picked up the red from the patterned paper signed Marah Johnson and Creative Imaginations. I added red decorations. This is then balanced with black and white. All material used on this page is available in the shop.

Paper: Time to rock the clock - Marah Johnson by Creative Imaginations, Pearl Necklace - Formal Affair by Scrapworks, Ticking Stripe - Formal Affair vy Scrapworks
Clear stamps: 'In my dreams' - Ink by Steph
Decorations: Felt ribbon - Queen & Co, Flowers - Prima, Brenda Walton Adhesive Rhinestones - K&Co, Stickers - Marah Johnson Creative Imaginations, Yarn - Garnglad May 2008, Ribbon - Offray Microspool

Future heartbreaker

The paper from Creative Imaginations with "King of Hearts" made my brain going. Rowdy! I decided to create a page about him as a future heartbreaker. The photo is... well... appropriate in this context. He is actually asking me to help him out to take on his belt...

I decided to cut him out from the photo. A little work with a knife in the paper made him wear a crown. I added a stamped tag and stamped images. I combined a chipboard from Heidi Swapp with a rhinestone as a flower center. All material except the dymo text is available in the shop.

Paper: King of Heart - Marah Johnson by Creative Imaginations, Pearl Necklace - Formal Affair by Scrapworks
Clear Stamps: 'In my dreams' - Ink by Steph
Decorations: Felt ribbon - Queen & Co, Flower - Prima, Brenda Walton Adhesive Rhinestones - K&Co, Alphabet stickers Remarks Hickory Brown - American Crafts, Chipboard Glossy Flowers Kiwi - Heidi Swapp, Yarn - Garnglad May 2008, Ribbon - Offray Microspool
From my own "stash": Black dymo, Pens, Chalks and Ink.

09 June 2008

Nu blommar vallmo i vår trädgård

Our garden is full of poppy

Yellow is a underrated color in scrapping. The flowers in the photos are yellow and that made me decide for a yellow background. The patterned papers were a bit tricky to combine. Together with the photos, the heading and decorations they melt together to a blooming whole which has a distinct touch of summer over it.

For the grass, I cut a strip of green paper which I went over with a scissor. I then glued the lower part of it and left the upper part free to be ruffled. The result is just like the apperance the grass outside my window has...

Paper: Bliss 'Darling Dauhter' Floral/Pink - Bohemia My Mind's Eye, Silver Lining Radiant - Precious Metal
Decorations: Chipboard glossy flowers kiwi - Heidi Swapp, Ribbon - Offray Microspool
From my own "stash": Black, white and green paper. Yellow Sakura and black pens, Qk Maddie Anne Classic, Chalks

Vintage pixi books

Last week, by accident, I found a small plastic bag containing three of those small books which I remember from my own childhood.

I saw that these where older than that, but I couldn't look through them in advance. In some way I realised anyway that I would like... or even love... them. So I took them home. Then I forgot to open the bag...

Until today. And see for yourself what amaising books that little bag contained. "Shit påmfritt" is the correct words.

You can guess what I am going to read for him later tonight...

Papier Poudré

A while ago, I promised to show this "strange" vintage thing that I recieved from incaos. It's called "Papier Poudré" and it is exactly what it sound like. Have you ever before heard of paper with scented powder? The inside of the cover reads:

"When travelling, heated by exercise or by a close atmosphere, 'Papier Poudré' will cleanse and refresh the skin, as the paper has special absorbent qualities for cleansing the pores without clogging, removing all 'shine' and dust and leaving a trace of delicately powder.

'Papier Poudré' is indispensible to all busy woman as no powder can be split and no mirror is required.

Men will also find 'Papier Poudré' most pleasent to use after shaving, leaving the skin smooth and cool."

Isn't that awesome so say?

More sneakpeaks

Well, I give you two sneakpeaks of what I have created with the small kit for May from Jommas.

This kit is really nice to work with. The "non-scrap items" (that is to say the five items from a "pile of paper") I revieced in my kit was really matching the papers in color.

I looked at these items and started to think what kind of themes I wanted to create. Then I looked for matching photos. After that, I started to scrap.

The full pictures of these pages will be available on Jommas blog really soon. Until then, you can look at these sneakpeaks...

08 June 2008

King of the road

I found this old page laying around and realised that I haven't showed it here before...

I don't really know what to think when I see it now about a year later. It represents some of the good parts of my scrapping. The ones that conerns using non-scrap items. Here it is decorations that I have painted (the flames for instance) or printed out (the HOG-logo for instance). There are also quite a lot of stamps. And those double and/or subtile messages that I love to put in... I used a photo mat (!). More? I don't really know what to say...

(Sometimes) I scrap because I can

This is my interpretation which answers the question why I scrap. What is it that makes me continue to scrap?

The title may seem rather cocky. :) But... it should only be interpreted in the context of time. It's the time... or rather the lack of time... that makes me scrap less...

So when I scrap, I take me the time to do so.

I decided to try to use as much as possible from these "We dare you"- kits. For this page I used 1 vinyl dekoration, 1 selfadhesive chipboardframe, 1 star sticker, 1 flower and 1 "journaling" paper from the junekit. The rest just happened to land there in some more or less mysterious way... :)

07 June 2008

Another sneakpeak

Yes, I thought I should give you another sneakpeak of what I have been up to lately...

This one is colorful!

Very colorful!

06 June 2008

Midsummer swap

From June 1st to June 20th I am opening a small parcel every day. These parcels have a scrappy content of some kind.

I show you all the parcels here and after the 20th I will get back with a picture of all the contents.

So far I can say that it's rockin' big time. :)

Sneakpeak - Time to rock... the clock

It's always time to rock... the clock....

Therefore... I give you a sneakpeak of something that is about to come. It's a sneakpeak of a "secret" I have... A secret that is soon going to be revealed. :)

Do I have to say that this is fun stuff? Really rockin' fun stuff!


Att kludda färg är skoj. Att kludda färg på wellpapp är skitskoj! Färgvalet är ju som det är... men jag ville använda softa halvknalliga pastelliga färger till det där fotot. De skulle dessutom inte vara typiskt grabbiga. :)

Pappren matchar varandra perfekt och jag lyckades hitta en bra blandning av färg som går i samma toner. Vitt som markerar här och där. Inte fler saker än vad som var "tillåtet", dvs bling, akrylfärg och 3 mönstrade papper.

Det här är alltså en "passande" sida om hur oförstörd och söt han är när han sover...

03 June 2008

Challenge for June

Have you seen how great the summer in Sweden will be when it comes to music? To honor all the nice tunes that will rock the shit this summer, we decided that you should be inspired by a very important Swedish album.

The Oasis
One day something must happen,
when everything comes true

To this comes that you should use at least three paper piecings on your work. The paper piecings should preferably be of your own design. For a short introduction to how to create your own paper piecings, click here.

Now it's up to you to let loose and create a LO, a card or something altered. When you are done, leave a comment with a working direct link to your result. This should be done before the 30th of June 2008, 23.59 (Swedish time zone). My "partner in crime" will choose the most creative interpretation and the artist in question will recieve a scrappy prize.

Questions? Drop me a line.

02 June 2008

Party all summer long

Finally! June is here. For me, that's a break point for when the "real" summer begins. There are so much to entertain one self with during the summer months. However, I have to work a lot this summer and too much work makes maxell dull... Even if I really don't have neither the time or the opportunity to rock the clock, I can offer you a playground. :) That's the short story behind why I decided to join in on a blog party that lasts all summer long.

During the whole summer, a number of Swedish scrappers offer challenges divided into three different periods (months). You are free to join in any time and at any place. The following scrappers offer a number of different crafting challenges in their blogs. There are mostly scrapping and card making challenges, but there are also some other crafting challenges.

Period 1 (June 1st- June 30th)

AnkiBo: http://www.rosalia.se/anki
bitte71: http://mariesscrappelliscrapblogg.blogg.se/
carola: http://frejsan.blogg.se/
chalin: http://chalinspysselblogg.blogspot.com/
Elisabeth: http://elisabeths-scrapblog.blogspot.com/
elsamaja58: http://elsamajarun.blogg.se/
epona: http://epona.blogg.se/
ewoek: http://ewonnes.blogspot.com/
Hönan: http://www.scraphonan.blogspot.com/
leamon72: http://leamon.blogg.se/
Lena och Ronja: http://lenasochronjasscrapp.blogg.se/
Lilo: http://liloscrap.blogspot.com/
Linda: http://www.knorrigt.com/
mahlin78: http://mahlin78.blogg.se/
maxell: http://maxellexam.blogspot.com/
Millan: http://millans.blogspot.com/
MissMian: http://missmian.blogspot.com/
puman78: http://hmyran.blogspot.com/
Susny: http://susny.blogspot.com/
Tette: http://ogonblicken.blogspot.com/
Tirre: http://thereselittlecorner.com/blogg/

Period 2 (July 1st - July 31st)

Anki: http://www.skapatavanki.blogspot.com/
AnkiBo: http://www.rosalia.se/anki
anneh: http://annesscrapperi.blogspot.com/

Bi: http://arbets-bi.blogspot.com/
bitte71: http://mariesscrappelliscrapblogg.blogg.se/
carola: http://frejsan.blogg.se/
chalin: http://chalinspysselblogg.blogspot.com/
elsamaja58: http://elsamajarun.blogg.se/
Eva Andersson: http://potpourri.blogg.se/

ewoek: http://ewonnes.blogspot.com/
Hönan: http://www.scraphonan.blogspot.com/
leamon72: http://leamon.blogg.se/
Lilo: http://liloscrap.blogspot.com/
Linda: http://www.knorrigt.com/
Lena och Ronja: http://lenasochronjasscrapp.blogg.se/
mahlin78: http://mahlin78.blogg.se/
maxell: http://maxellexam.blogspot.com/
Millan: http://millans.blogspot.com/
puman78: http://hmyran.blogspot.com/
Susny: http://susny.blogspot.com/

Period 3 (August 1st - August 31st)

Anki: http://www.skapatavanki.blogspot.com/
AnkiBo: http://www.rosalia.se/anki
anneh: http://annesscrapperi.blogspot.com/
Bi: http://arbets-bi.blogspot.com/
bitte71: http://mariesscrappelliscrapblogg.blogg.se/
carola: http://frejsan.blogg.se/
Cattis: http://kathis.blogg.se/
Elisabeth: http://elisabeths-scrapblog.blogspot.com/
elsamaja58: http://elsamajarun.blogg.se/
ewoek: http://ewonnes.blogspot.com/
Hönan: http://www.scraphonan.blogspot.com/
leamon72: http://leamon.blogg.se/
Lena och Ronja: http://lenasochronjasscrapp.blogg.se/
Lilo: http://liloscrap.blogspot.com/
Linda: http://www.knorrigt.com/
mahlin78: http://mahlin78.blogg.se/
maxell: http://maxellexam.blogspot.com/
Millan: http://millans.blogspot.com/
puman78: http://hmyran.blogspot.com/
Susny: http://susny.blogspot.com/
Tezzan: http://tezzangirl.blogspot.com/
ulrika m: http://macgregor.webblogg.se/scrap/

Party on!

Designuppdrag under utförande

Det har inte kommit just något nytt från mig på ett tag här. Å det har sina förklaringar. Nej... det är inte solen, värmen, glädjen, kärleken och allt som kommer med sommaren som upptar mitt sinne. Det är andra mer "banala" och grundläggande saker.

Mitt i allt detta arbetar jag parallellt med att skapa på designuppdrag. Jag tänkte att jag kunde bjuda er på en bild av mitt lilla majpaket från Jommas. Jag kan inte säga annat än *slurp*

En speciell sak som jag är väldigt förtjust i med detta paket är att det ingår fem dekorationer från en så kallad "pile of paper". Det här är något som jag tänkte på så länge. Små papperslappar i olika utföranden som någon av någon anledning sparat på. Det borde ju rimligen finnas har jag alltid tyckt. För alla kan väl inte slänga exakt allt i värsta fengshuandan? Frågan har varit vars jag skulle hitta dem... eller ens börja leta efter dem. Nu har jag svaret. De kommer i färdiga kit. Snacka om läckerbitar som ger den där överraskningen som jag tidigare efterfrågade - det där lilla extra. Det som gör det hela mer personligt. Hur jag tolkat och använt mina fem små godbitar kommer framöver.

Ett tackkort

Det är inte så ofta som jag snor ihop något kort. Lite tokigt egentligen. Men... ärligt talat har för tillfället väldigt tight om tid för något som helst annat än det som jag måste fokusera på i mitt och hans liv, dvs vår framtid.

Här är i alla fall ett kort som har nått sin mottagare. Kortet är inte direkt någon rocketscience i sig. Dock kan det där "enkla" bli något extra. Eller som i det här fallet... omtanken och tacket uttalat och dessutom på pränt.