01 August 2008

Weekly challenge #8 - Pure amusement

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It is one of two larger markets going on this weekend in the vicinities of where we live. And... there is also a third market the same weekend. That is, two markets this weekend and a third in two weeks time. Did your follow? :) Anyway... markets usually offer some kind of tivoli attractions. Tivoli is just what you are to scrap about. What do you come to think of when you hear about tivoli? What goes around comes around (that's, for instance, the pariser wheel)? That sick feeling that may come from too much spinned sugar (Svenska: sockervadd)? Those chills you feel when you enter the spooky or haunted house? Free fall simulators which brings your stomach to your head? The mechanics behind it all, the mechanics that makes the carousels go? The world's stongest man? That ugly bearded lady? All the colors and sparkling lamps who lights up the sky? Or, perhaps pure amusement 'til up drop Think free and create a tivoli.

When you are finsihed, please comment to this posting with a working link to whatever you create.

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Samara said...


Nu har jag gjort den här utmaningen,har nog missat några under semestern, men nu är jag på gång igen med skapandet.