16 June 2008

The first contributions to June challenge

I have recieved two two contributions to June challenge.

First out is Bi. She has used a wonderful colorcombination that makes me think of a real Oasis. And look at those paper piecings. Mmmm me like!

Evelina/Alien Bling has made an amazing page about her dark sides. She asks herself how she dares to put such a page straight in the face of people since there seems to be a norm that says that you are only allowed to scrap about happy things. Well. If you ask me... nothing is wrong to scrap about. That's what should be termed artistic freedom... So... here I promote this kind of daring scrapping by putting her interpretation of the challenge straight in your face. Look to see artistic freedom when it's really free.

I will make my own intrepretation of this challenge too. I acted detective last week and I managed to find the photo I want to use - Thanks man! Now I have to grab that scissor and start making decorations. :)

And for you that for some reason have missed this challenge. This is a reminder. You still have half a month to create something. :) Look here for details. I add that you don't have to have an address in Sweden to participate.

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