01 August 2008

Summer blog party "Narcissism" - part three - an extra challenge

Well. It's quite seldom I see lifts of something I have created. And in a true narcissistic nature I decided to add an extra challenge for part three of the Summer blog party. That extra thing is to

lift something I have created

You can do it anyway you like it. Take one or several of the things I have made and be inspired to create your version of it/them. To lift is to get inspired by some aspect or aspects and do your version of it. It may be the sketch, the colors, the papers, the letters, the title, the photos, the decorations, the combinations, the techniques... and so on. I think you get the picture. :) This also means that an layout can end up as something altered or a card can result in a digital LO. This seems like a nice challenge since it's my birthday in the end of this month and a lift would be a great birthday present for me. :)

When you are finished, please leave a comment to this posting with a working link to your result. You are participating for a prize if you manage to do this before the 31th of August 23.59 (Swedish time zone). The prize will be something which screams out maxell and yes, it will have a scrapping nature. In order to be able to win the prize, you are required to tell what you have lifted and also write down a couple of words around how you lifted, that is to say what in what I have created inspired you to do what you create. The winner will be decided by a jury of people which I trust. People that know me and know how I think. We will vote in a Eurovision song contest manner and the one that ends up with the highest scoore will take it all. ;) International participants are welcome and each participant are allowed to do as many contributions as they have the time and inspiration to do. Questions? Leave a comment here or e-mail me.

Other scrappers participating in the summer blog party and giving challenges for part three can be found here. Just look under Period 3 (August 1st - August 31st).

As final words for this challenge, I suggest you to listen in to Meglaomani by Black Sabbath. It's in the playlist. ;)


annettes sida said...

Jag har liftat en av dina Lo finns i min blogg

Metal_Minish said...

Jag har också provat...
La upp det i bloggen, i det här inlägget ^w^

Ellen said...

Här kommer mitt liftbidrag: http://avigaellen.blogg.se/2008/august/bloggparty-augusti-min-stjarna.html
Jag har valt att lifta http://maxellexam.blogspot.com/2008/05/mina-stjrnor.html Det var ursvårt att välja ett bidrag att lifta. Du gör så mycket som jag verkligen gillar och det kan vara svårt att inspireras av det som känns helt rätt. Dessutom har du en stil som skiljer sig ganska mycket från min. Men den här LO:n gav mig genast inspiration till att göra en LO om min stjärna - Sirius, något jag tänkt på ett tag. Jag gav mig också katten på att försöka anamma lite av din stil och har gått och samlat dekorationer och idéer i flera dagar innan jag äntligen vågade sätta igång. :-) Bilden är - som vanligt - rätt kass (måste verkligen försöka skärpa mig...) men det får duga.