09 June 2008

Papier Poudré

A while ago, I promised to show this "strange" vintage thing that I recieved from incaos. It's called "Papier Poudré" and it is exactly what it sound like. Have you ever before heard of paper with scented powder? The inside of the cover reads:

"When travelling, heated by exercise or by a close atmosphere, 'Papier Poudré' will cleanse and refresh the skin, as the paper has special absorbent qualities for cleansing the pores without clogging, removing all 'shine' and dust and leaving a trace of delicately powder.

'Papier Poudré' is indispensible to all busy woman as no powder can be split and no mirror is required.

Men will also find 'Papier Poudré' most pleasent to use after shaving, leaving the skin smooth and cool."

Isn't that awesome so say?

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