12 June 2008

Weekly challenge #1 Iggy

Bored with shitloads of work I decided to start a weekly challenge for you.

Why another challenge when there are so many out there on the huge Internet? Well, this one is a bit different. It has no rules except that you should break out of that ridiculous box in some way. To achive genuine freestyling, your good and bad sides have to be tickled.

Each challenge contains one or many pictures to be inspired from. Some of these may perhaps be regarded as offensive by some viewers, but I quote my partner in crime when I say that "when a person feels something offensive, it's just programmed in that person's mind to react in that way". If something stears up strong feelings it's a good opportunity for catching those feelings and break out of that phoney box...

The first picture is, if you ask me... rather calm. :)

Observe this picture. Contemplate and consider. Think! - but not too much... Grab anything that comes into you mind. Act and start to create. When you are finished, please leave a comment to this posting with a working link to your result. When should this then be done? I said no rules and that means no rules. ;) Therefore... there are no deadline for when to do and post your results for this challenge.

I will of course make my own interpretation of this picture and post it here. Just here. Just below here. ;)

Update on friday the 13th... Here it is, just below as I said.

This page was rockin' fun to make. Do you see how I suck out inspiration from the poster? A bit more colorful than the poster, but that's called creativity. :) Similarities and/or inspiration can be noted in the painting, the apperance of the heading including one of the words, the photo and where it is placed and part of the journaling. Looking at it now, I don't know why I don't play with colors more often since I really love those rough effects you get when you paint not so perfect. One more nice thing is that there are really not so many products manufacutred exclusively for scrapbooking on this page. And yes, I colored over the photo including the frosty leaves.

Now I want to see your interpretations wheter they are blacknwhite or bubbling over with colors. Not to say that it doesn't matter if they are soft charming cute or outrageously morbid. ;) (That last interpretation is exclusively written with direct inspiration from milaja)


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