15 October 2011

You wish you were a punkrocker 2.... - Punky Scraps Challenge 31

Friday - yesterday - means a new challenge over at Punky Scraps. This one - "Challenge 31 - Spoooooky Sketch......" - is, as the name says a spooky sketch.

Note however that you don't have to do a Halloween theme. Gotta like it!

Well anyway, my take on this challenge is well... me! Look for yourself...

Perhaps some of you remember a card I made a long time ago, back in 2007. It was among my first cards and yes I won a price for it. Here it is again.

This card stands as a reminder of what I really like about the creative process. How? I let that to the reader to figure out...

Anyway. My sketch interpretation for Punky Scraps (doesn't that fit well so say...) is on the same theme.

If you look and see you notice exactly the same element as on the card. Yes, I made two of those back in 2007.

The barb wire is something I have been waiting to make since the same time. I didn't find my black metal wire so I hade to invent another solution. It worked.

Otherwise, I had some leftovers and add-ons from my tartan layout and it just went this way with this layout. ;)

Strange thing that I pretty much followed the sketch without reinventing every detail. Even that black spider is there... you know the story?

Eager to see your interpretation of this lovely inspiring sketch. Head over to Punky Scraps and participate for a chance to win a nice price.

Icke-scrapmaterial: Paper of unknown source, handmade decorations, handmade stamps, handstamped overlay, tickets of my design, felt spider and so on


WillieburgScrapper said...

I didn't notice the barbed wire when I saw your page the first time! (I was distracted by the photo which is amazing) THAT'S AWESOOOME! Love that it's hand made- I think it looks tons better that way. Is that background paper hand painted? LOVED that too!
Oh ys- that card is fabulous- well deserved prize if you ask me.

maxell said...

Thanks! :)

Yes, the barb wire is handmade from some black... forgot the name of it. Twine of somd kind, but is has a special name. And old scrappy thing.

Yes, the background it handpainted by me. I do this a lot. Not always with black however even if it gives a dramatic look.

Spacegirl said...

Du är lika härligt kreativ som vanligt och gör så fina alster :-)