12 October 2011

Ride the wave... - Punky Scraps Challenge 30

During october Punky Scraps have this awesome challenge. It's about one thing I really like.

Punky Scraps Challenge 30 - Spooooooky.......... is all about Collage! Such a wonderful thing to just do and do again as many times as you like. Yes, it's about layers. You can do it whimsical and really punk inspired or more sophisticated and perhaps a bit mystical. The important thing is to do. Head over to Punky Scraps blog and join the fun.

There you can see what great amazing things my fellow punksters have created. Really inspiring. My own contribution is also there... and here.

This started with a black paper. You can see it if you look. :)

My color scheme is a bit not me, but also me. It's smooth and somewhat grunge - just the way I sometimes like it.

To that was media, color, paper and more color added in layers. How many layers? I don't remember. What colors? I don't remember (even if i can recognize some of them... :) ) It's usually like this. I just do it.

And then those details, always those details. Love 'em!

Yes, I am curious. In life in general and also on what you come up with for this great challenge.

Non-scrap items: Magazine pages, colored paper of some kind, popsicle stick, plastic beads (alphabet and aeroplane), tulle, foam rubber hearts, rain dots, tapes, paints and likely more things.


WillieburgScrapper said...

I just started using those gorgeous little bubble things- they are so fun! I found a couple in a prize pack I won- now I have to try and find them. LOVE the layering here- I had no idea the background was black but it makes perfect sense- the colors are popping right off the page.
Thank for swinging by my blog- yes I do believe I got the trying to be normal is boring quote from you- it' captures what I've ben going through the last couple of months- trying to be nice and polite but raging internally at the silliness of some people- it's good to let some of it out sometimes.
As for encouraging curiosity I believe in that all the way! I find the word "dream" too pretty and idealistic- I like "create" and "think" more- they are active and intellectual- two fave things! I will add B curious to my list.

misty said...

I was having issues with my blogger so I'm late getting this comment to you. THis is amazing!!! You have such a unique style that I LOVE...plus, I am one who gets excited to use non scrappy items so thats another thing I love about your work!

Amy Lynne said...

This is more than fabulous....and just brimming over with creativity. Wow. I am very impressed. So glad to be on the Punky Scraps team with you! <3

Mikaela said...

wow! vilka detaljer!! tackar för inspirationen

o tack för din goa kommentar i min blogg!