03 August 2008

Time for tire change

It's a lot of things going on here. The brown patterned paper with all the stars and pattern seemed, in advance, difficult to divide. But that was no problem when I got it in my hand. :)

This page talks for it self so look and see how you can build up a landscape with help of paper (including the pre-perforated paper), felt decorations, alphabet stickers and some more. This landscape or scenario is connected to the photo where we are waiting for change of tires from winter ones to summer ditos. I usually do this myself, but this spring I outsourced that work. :)

All material on this page except the yellow/orange stamped letters, the pom pom fringe and the small car related stamps are from the large july kit from Jommas. And... did you notice little him and me inside the orange felt car? Yes, I just saw that is looked like two heads when I placed down the car there....


Jessica said...

vilken superfin lo! Fastnade så för dina fina färgkombinationer! Sen har jag en helt annan fråga: är du nöjd med blogspot?? Jag funderar på att byta blogg nämligen, är inte nöjd med det jag har än då länge! Och tack snälla du för den gulliga kommentaren i min blogg! Kram

jenny said...

Vettu - jag blir alldeles tokinspirerad av dina grejer, varenda gång! Det är så härligt med färg och form och lust i skön förening på dina sidor!