04 August 2008

Swedish midsummer requires royal food and drinks

I am not that good at scrapping those traditions we have here in Sweden. Those weekends when we guzzle in way too much food and drinks. Puman78 told me to scrap about one of these feasts in her summer blog party July challenge. This is my page about what we usually do in Sweden during one weekend in the middle of June. This is the royal food and drinks which a Swedish midsummer requires.

The page represents a lot for me. It's the pictures from our midsummer lunch. The lunch that we used to have together, but haven't had together for some years now. Until this year... Nice thing indeed.

And... the colors. Well. I had to try to use those flower patterned papers in some way. Flowers are another important ingredient of a Swedish midsummer. But shit... they we're difficult to scrap. :) One funny thing is that I used half a pink flower as some kind of growing thing for the fish to swim around... The flag, the herring (or at least the fish), the bottle and the glass... they are the matching sentiments drawn and colored in by me.

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