25 May 2008

Wanted: Your "garbage" :)

Well. I realize I have to try this out.
Your "garbage" - My "jewels"

I know that there are people out there that are collecting things and have done so for years. And... Your garbage are most probably my jewels. :) So... if you feel that you have something that you either don't know how to use, know that you most probably would never use, know that you are about to throw away, see as "different" and that you would like to share to see how it may be interpreted and used in a scrapping context and/or so on. Please contact me at e-mail. Most probably will we be able to arrange some nice kind of give and take. ;)

What kind of items could this be then? Well, I figure it could be anything made out of any material and of any style, color and so on.

Edit: I have noticed that there are international visitors to this, my blog. I have therefore decided to start to write text in both English and Swedish for a while now to see how this turns out. If you are one of these international and/or non-Swedish speaking visitors - do not hesitate to leave a comment whether or not this sounds like a good plan to follow.

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