27 October 2008

Experience nature

Jommas September kit contained a lot of fresh scrapgoodies from SassaFras and some really nice findings. I really liked the SassaFras paper with clouds filled with mushrooms and bugs. I just had to go over it with a scissor as soon as it landed in my mailbox.

I have an unwritten rule which tells me to always start with the photo. There is however no rule without any exception. The photo was the last thing I picked out for this layout. It was just better to start building a landscape with the clouds, the mushrooms, the bugs and that great punched paper.

I have started to build up every layout on a transparency. The transparency stayed for this layout. I wanted to be able to see through the holes in the punched paper.

My photo is from this spring. It works there, but the papers are perhaps more suitable for autumn photos and stories...

15 October 2008

What's going on?

The answer to the above question is simply "a lot".

I cannot and do not want to put the details up in open. I can however tell you that there is a continuation to the two previous postings. Due to indications that things so easily can and also have been misinterpreted, I can tell that I have not left any active part of the scrapping world without me telling people about it - beforehand. I don't feel like I have to explain any details. However, there are most likely those of you who wonder about me leaving a lot of people somewhere with a lot of questions. Answers will most likely come. Patience. A nice tune signed Guns'n'Roses and also something that is very present in my and some other people's lifes at the moment.

When I'm to it. I give you a sneakpeak.

More will be released when the time is due.

12 October 2008


I have to leave some things behind me. It hurts like hell. But that's life. From now on, I will try to more active here and update more often. During the work with this thing that I now cannot say anything about since there's no point in doing so... This thing was supposed to be realeased this comming week... but... it feels like something that is not on my desk anymore.

I will of course continue my efforts to view our hobby as inspiration from all to all. We have all something to give and something to receive. This is true no matter what happens or not happens around you - never forget that. We are involved in this hobby since we like it and it makes us feel happy moving around papers, embellishment and photos/stamped images. Never let something or someone take that joy away from you.

So... I continue with an update on what more I have been up to behind the scences.

If you, for some reason, haven't noticed it, I have a guest design spot at Arkivet. In September, I recieved some of the papers from the new Basic Grey Ambrosia serie plus two types of felt embellishment from Prima. What I created for September is posted on Arkivets blogg. Have a look and leave a comment while you are there.

This was my first "real" minialbum I altered. A bit tricky but so fun. Thanks for the challenge and the trust in designing.

11 October 2008

Do you know

... how it feels when a wish to do something different is first thrown in one direction where you suddenly stand there almost alone and then, the next second, is twisted into another direction when someone more or less tries to steal it from you...

I do!

I think I actually managed to involve a lot of good people on the way... and they did an increadible work even if we couldn't serve a waterproof structure from the start. It was more like we where in this all together - some more, some less. The idea is good. I know since this idea is not new to me. My first more concrete thougts in this direction came in March or April this year. But it had to mature. I have now been living with expressing and explaining it for about two months. Day and night. You could accuse me for being biased but I know what people have told me about this idea. The idea is actually pretty simple but I understand that it may appear difficult to grasp. This is due that it challenges existing "norms" about our so beloved hobby to create with paper and hopefully a free mind. The idea rests on such basic principles that everything we make have equal value and we all have something to learn from eachother.

Damn me for once in my life having a dream which I made explicit... and yes, I express feelings in this posting. I think that is in order since I am no more or less human than anyone else. I want to finish with saying that I know that I together with others who share the same basic beliefs regarding our hobby is more than capable of realizing this through other channels and perhaps also in another - better - format.

08 October 2008

Sneakypeaky of the caterpillars

The September kit from Jommas was so appealing that I immediately created one layout. Here is a "sneakypeaky" of it.

Click the picture to be teleported to a place where you can see all of it.

Clouds, mushrooms and caterpillars

My mailman delivered the september kit from Jommas on Tuesday this week. It contains a lot of SassaFras news in terms of - for instance - clouds, mushrooms and caterpillars. It also contains some real nice findigs or ephemera. This kit contains a combination which is perfect for scrapping all those nature inspired autumn photos. In doubt? Take a look for yourself.


This was a killer...

The end of August meant that it was time for my birthday. I usually don't get many - if any - presents. This year was really different. I actually received some presents. 11 of them to be exact. They came with a birthday swap. Since I have been and still is busy as hell, it is first now that I show you what goodies landed in my mailbox.

Look at those colors, materials and stuff in general. Can you do anything else but love it? It's ribbons, lace, tiny cute pom pom ribbons, paper clips, acrylic flowers, foam shapes, some yarn, glittery pom poms, sparkling butterflies, clothespins, chipboard swirls, chipboard cherries, cool metal decorations, journaling cards, buttons, ric rac for christmas, tickets for an aeroplane, stamps, scrap paper, colorful foam rubber, huge dark and light flowers, bright and shiny tags, metallic brads, boyish shape buttons, self-adhesive chipboard letters, barndoors, gothinspired felt decorations, pearl floss, more scrap papers, a chipboard album, bling bling, rocking epoxy stickers, self-adhesive rhinestones and even more stamps.

The accompaning cards which came with the stuff in the previous picture. I like looking at these cards which are of so many different styles, colors and sizes. Great indeed.

Giant ric rac, lace and a great selection of findings or ephemera. Accompanied by a knocking card covered with great details to look at and also to touch. I have to say that the tiny orange suitcase was just perfect. I had looked at and drooled on such a suitcase just the day before this package arrived.

Here are more of those discret flowers, some green thickers, more ribbon, metal words, bling wire, stamps and some other stuff. Also navigate to spot that nice brown card.

Do I have to say that I am overwhelmed? Thanks are not enouch to express the feeling I had when opening all these presents. It was a killer... ;) The contents will come on handy in the near future when I most likely will have more time for doing whatever crosses my mind... or almost whatever crosses my mind. :)

07 October 2008

Something new

Yes! It is an understatement to say that there are some new things going on in my life at the moment. I hereby give you a tiny sneakpeak of one of these new things.

Someone quite recently whispered in my ears that a full reveal will come during this week...

A goodie bag from MHV August 2008

Finally. Here is a picture of the so-called MHV I recieved in august. I really love this type of goodie bags. That black *lost the name* bag contains a pair of custom made ear rings... Dice indeeed.

Thanks and hugs goes to Tinto - 2760...

The WDY kit for September

This is the WDY kit that landed in my mailbox for September.

I confess. A combination of my camera which decided to crash and all those other things going on at the moment, I lost track. Hoping to find back again if things will decide to calm down a bit.