29 September 2008


I'm at least alive. It was some time ago now. My life and everything... well. I should not bore you with that. :) As a small start, I show you a small card in what must be seen as autumn colors. Owl...

19 September 2008

My mailbox...

has during the latest days contained some rockin' funky scrap stuff. I have also opened all the presents which came for my birthday. So... guess who "must" start to create again? :)

And yes, I will try to arrange some photos for you with that not-so-fun camera I have managed to borrow.

15 September 2008

Pulling myself together

i've seen it all before - time and time again
as close as i would ever dare to be
and yet without a doubt - i will disagree
the sudden truth is no surprise to me

i know there is no easy way
i've said it from the start
sometimes you've got to live the life
and feel the pain
i hear a beat inside my head
i feel it in my heart
but just the thought of it is driving me insane
it's tearing me apart

i hear a distant voice - very far away
i'm silent now - i don't know what to say
i've felt a strong desire
to set myself on fire
i don't think that would work for me today

09 September 2008

Update on what's going on

This update is about some of the things which are going on in my life at the moment

- I have a sick son to take care of. Appointments to go to and so on.
- I have a work to finish. A work that requires peace and quiet in order to concentrate.
- I have a large project going on and it requires some time to get it together.
- I have a camera that for some reason decided to stop working.
- I am tired as hell. Pain, too much to think and too much to do.

These are some of the reasons why I don't update my blog at the moment. I can create if I manage to squeeze it in, but I also have to find a way to show it to you... I hope to find it asap so I can get back on track with those relaxing moments when I do create and post here... I would lie if I said that I don't miss it...

06 September 2008

Nice items #18 - Better run for your...

Edit: Some of you have asked where these papers come from. It's Creative Imaginations serie Freight Night. Awesome is the word for these glitter (!) papers.

Cat, Coffin, Ghost, Haunted House, Skull, Skeleton and Tombstone

What do you associate with halloween? Some of the items - or perhaps all of them - which usually are associated with halloween are suitable for rockers like me. To that comes some of the things that's on a four years mind. Spooky and unknown stuff. Stuff which may become defused if you play with them.... In this context, this is a really nice give away.

05 September 2008


I feel it close. I feel it breathing in my neck. I feel it trying to grab a hold on me. I feel like just letting things go. But... that's not an option!

This update has neither glory or glam to it. It's just here to tell anyone who may read it that I'm almost alive. I stumble around in a wandering hell where I do my best to not get too close to that damn fire...

01 September 2008

Much to do

I'm a bit off at the moment since I have much to do. Work and work. To that comes a "secret" project which I am working on/with. More about that project will come any day now. I can say that we are looking for people with interest, time and ideas. Check in again for further details. :)